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Candida Albicans Natural Treatment

Candida Albicans Natural Treatment

Many of the yeast infections treated every year by medical personnel are caused by Candida albicans.

If you visit your doctor, they will most likely prescribe a medicine or recommend an over-the-counter drug.

You may want to try eliminating Candida naturally with the following candida albicans natural treatment advice rather than resorting to traditional means.

Luckily there are many such natural cures for yeast infections and Candida albicans.

Your body normally hosts the Candida fungus, so it’s not unusual to find it within your systems. The problem begins, however, when you eat too much sugar and the fungus begins to overgrow.

It can spread throughout your body because it travels through your bloodstream. In many cases the problem increases until women, and men, develop a chronic yeast infection.

One of the major reasons for developing Candida is having a poor diet. This may include not eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables, eating way too much sugar, alcohol, or moldy foods like cheese and mushrooms.

All of this allows the fungus to grow in your body which can lead to a suppressed immune system. It’s really a vicious cycle – you don’t take care of yourself, yeast has a chance to grow, you start exhibiting symptoms, and before you know it you have a full-blown yeast infection.

You want to treat the external symptoms of having a yeast infection by using the topical treatments you can get over-the-counter. More than anything, you want to treat the root cause of the infection.

You can use any of the following candida albicans natural treatment means to eliminate Candida naturally:

• Garlic is a powerful antifungal and antiseptic. You can either place a garlic clove into the vagina or use garlic oil.

• Tea tree oil can be used for relief of the burn and itch of a yeast infection. The concentration should be at least 20%.

• Plain, unsweetened yogurt can also be used to cool the skin that is infected by Candida. The acidophilus in the yogurt fights the yeast infection.

• Black walnut hull can be made into a tincture which can be taken internally. It can also be applied onto the skin where you have a fungal infection. Black walnut hull has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

• Calendula, or marigold, has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. If made into a salve or lotion it can be used topically for fungal infections such as diaper rash or ringworm.

• Oregano can be made into oregano oil to treat fungal infections. If added to a carrier oil, it can be used for dandruff.

Yeast infections can be painful and embarrassing due to the itching whether as a vaginal yeast infection or due to a fungal infection on your skin.

You can fall back on traditional means to fight it, but eliminating Candida naturally with the above listed candida albicans natural treatment options may be a better course of action.

Not only can you avoid any side effects from the medicine you may find that the natural methods are more effective.

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