Candida Acne

Candida Acne

Do you have Candida acne?

Acne is a problem for a large portion of the population.

While many physicians say it is largely genetic there are a growing number of people who believe it is often caused by Candida.

Candida is a yeast-like fungus which naturally resides on our skin, in our intestines and even in our eyes – anywhere moist and warm.

Like most fungus and bacteria it prefers warm, damp locations and it feeds on sugar.

When the candida begins to grow out of control then a body can develop candidiasis, a Candida infection.

This can occur internally and result in vaginal infections, digestive issues, and chronic fatigue. It can occur externally and result in a rash and acne. And it can result in both.

The result of Candida overgrowth is a drain on the immune system as well as the organs involved in metabolism, hormone regulation, and cellular reproduction.

In short, your body is unable to fight skin infections and acne. And you’re more susceptible to acne because Candida is messing up your hormones and your metabolism. Thus your skin only gets worse.

What Causes Your Skin Problems?

Because Candida feeds on sugar, diet plays a very strong role in keeping Candida under control.

A small amount in your system is acceptable, however, when it’s well fed by processed starchy food and sugar then it can rapidly get out of control.

Eliminating junk food isn’t the only preventative strategy. It’s also important to cut down on or eliminate alcohol, caffeine and dairy products.

Candida also commonly causes constipation. The backup of waste products in your intestines actually improve the breeding ground for yeast overgrowth.

This means it’s also important to stay hydrated and consume enough fiber to eliminate on a regular basis.

In addition to diet, antibiotics, birth control pills, and a compromised immune system caused by viruses and illness can also increase the amount of Candidiasis in your body. When the Candida becomes overgrown acne results.

Unfortunately physicians often treat acne with antibiotics and tetracycline – if you’re dealing with Candida acne this will only serve to worsen the problem.

Eliminating Your Skin Problems

To eliminate your breakouts it is advised to improve your diet to include healthy nutritious meals and snacks.

Eliminate junk food and processed food including alcohol and diary. Consume the RDA amount of fiber to ensure an efficient digestive process and when possible remove antibiotics from your body or routine.

You may also want to consider a colon cleanse to reduce the buildup of waste in your digestive tract.

A colon cleanse will give you a clean digestive slate. Of course once you’ve gone through the cleanse, it’s important to still maintain a healthy lifestyle to eliminate and prevent acne.

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