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I'm guessing you're here because you're struggling with candida overgrowth or perhaps you're feeling generally unwell and looking for answers.

I know all too well what it's like to look for answers. It can be extremely discouraging to feel something "just isn't right" but not knowing exactly how to fix it.

That's exactly how I felt a short while back.

Up until the age of 35, I was generally healthy. I was very active and played tennis regularly, ran a few times a week, took lots of long walks and was pretty fit and healthy all around.

Then shortly after my 35th birthday I started feeling run down and tired all the time. At first I put it down to a busy lifestyle - I run my own home business, have three children, several pets and a pretty full life all around!

The tiredness was followed by weight gain, muscle cramps, headaches, brain "fog" and a very low mood on many days. I still "got by" on a day to day basis and most people had no clue there was anything wrong. But inside I felt pretty misserable.

I went to the doctor for routine blood tests and was told everything was fine, to get some rest. So again, I just put all of this down to stress and "life" in general.

By this time my skin which had never been fantastic in the first instance (I've suffered from mild adult acne for quite some time) started looking absolutely terrible. And I had now gained a whopping 22 pounds.

The worst part was not being able to explain the changes. My diet was the same. I've always enjoyed fresh foods and healthy eating for the most part. I was still exercising and nothing had really changed.

Not being able to find the answers I needed, I put the changes down to getting older and my metabolism slowing down.

But in December 2008, a few days before Christmas, I felt a large lump in my lower stomach. An ultrasound confirmed that I had a large abdominal fibroid. The doctor said it was the size of half a football!

I had surgery in March 2009 - a total hysterectomy. The fibroid was too large to remove through keyhole surgery and was also attached to one of my ovaries.

It was all quite a shock. At 36 I felt too young to have to deal with something like this.

I tried to look on the positive side - my family was complete. I have three healthy children and a wonderful husband. Things could have been a lot worst.

But still to have to go through such a major surgery at such a young age was something I wasn't prepared for.

Recovery went "okay" but a few months after the surgery I started feeling extremely tired and drained.

My doctor said this is normal after surgery. But I knew I hadn't been well for over a year and couldn't see things getting better.

It was around this time that I started reading and researching everything I could get my hands on about nutrition and well being.

I had always been interested in nutrition and natural health before my operation. But something like this makes you think about good health even more.

Generally, I ate fresh foods, did a lot of home cooking, bought local and organic foods (when possible or for a large part of my shopping) and exercised.

But there was still something missing. I suspected candida overgrowth. I started digesting all the information I could find on the topic, but most of it seemed confusing and rather drastic.

I tried several diets which I found quite restrictive and although they worked a little the side effects left me feeling worst. It was very much a case of trial and error.

I would try something and feel a little better but within days I would go back to the same old symptoms, feel terrible and give up.

I felt completely out of control - my health was declining and it seemed there was nothing I could do to fix it.

Still I kept going, reading, researching, looking and tried many different things along the way - supplements, vitamins, drastic diets.

It wasn't until I found a holistic approach to treating my candida that I finally started to get better. If you'd like to learn a little more about the system that helped me, you can visit Get Rid of Candida .

After just a week of trying this system, I felt so much better. My skin started to clear, the weight started to come off and best of all I had energy and felt good for the first time in a long time.

The final change was that my muscles stopped aching. I stopped getting headaches. And I felt really alive once again.

On this website you'll find a lot of additional information about treating candida and ways to achieve great health.

The thing about achieving ptimum health though is that it's a process, and what works for one may not work for the other. So I share ALL the information with you and leave it in your hands to make an informed choice about your health - afterall you're in the best position to do that.

I have more energy now and look and feel great overall. I hope that everyone that visits this website can achieve the same. Do take a look at the system that helped me and hopefully it will do the same for you Get Rid of Candida

All the reviews you'll read on this website are honest and unbiased. All of the information has been well-researched and written in as clear and precise way as possible.

I sincerely hope that you find something here to help you. It's the reason why I decided to put up this website. I already have my hands pretty full with my main business but want to do whatever I can to spread the word about great health and living life to the fullest.

It's been such a gift to me. I want to pass that gift on to you.

I would also love to hear your story. You can use the form below to share it.

Whatever stage you're at in your life, I wish you much success in your journey to optimum health.

Lisa Jones

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