Threelac Candida Defense

What is ThreeLac Candida Defense - Is It Right For You?

ThreeLac candida defense is one of the most effective treatment products available today.

For a number of years it has helped many people control their Candida symptoms (along with other yeast-related problems) by maintaining good balance of helpful bacteria and flora in their intestines.

The name Threelac comes from the fact that the product contains three different kinds of live lactic acid bacteria, each of which promote healthy and proper intestinal tract functions.

These “good” bacteria work to rid the body of Candida organisms, yeast infections, and thrush.

A number of people swear by ThreeLac for treating candida, and a quick search on the Internet will result in a great deal of positive testimonials. But how exactly does ThreeLac candida defense work?

It is thought that one of the primary reasons for ThreeLac’s effectiveness is the proprietary delivery mechanism that was developed by the pharmaceutical company which manufactures it.

The process is known as “microencapsulation”, and it means that the beneficial bacteria in the supplement are protected from the acid in our stomachs by a microscopic coating.

This characteristic is essential for a probiotic supplement to be most effective because you want it to make it through the stomach alive and intact.

Once inside your intestines, the live bacteria go to work consuming the Candida yeasts, along with other harmful organisms.

The live bacteria that are delivered to your intestinal tract with each dose of ThreeLac are:

Lactobacillus Coagulans (an organism that is thought to control occasional digestion and stomach problems, and assist in normalizing cholesterol levels.), Bacillus Subtilis (an organism that may combat harmful organisms in your intestinal tract), and Enterococcus Faecalis (which supplements existing probiotic microorganisms in your digestive tract).

Because the ThreeLac candida defense bacteria produce lactic acid, they can also help to raise the ph of the intestine. This is key because helpful because the “good bacteria” prefer a more alkaline (higher pH) environment.

When your pH balance is off (which can be caused by antibiotics, bad dies, or other environmental toxins), harmful bacteria can reproduce more rapidly and play a larger role in your intestines.

ThreeLac is packaged as a powder, in individual serving-size packages. The powder is a mild lemon flavor, which you can either consume directly, or dissolve in a small amount of water before ingesting. Each packet contains over 1.5 billion live bacteria

Keep in mind that as with every supplement, not everyone responds in exactly the same way. In doing further research on ThreeLac, you may come across testimonials of individuals who do not feel that ThreeLac was effective for them, or that it actually worsened their condition.

It’s unclear exactly why some people believe that there were negative side effects with ThreeLac. It may be a matter of individual differences in the strength of the immune systems in their bodies, or that some people are simply more vulnerable to the bacteria than others.

As a matter of good practice for anyone wishing to start taking ThreeLac is not to consider it a “miracle cure”. You will probably want to continue following all of the other treatment protocols, including keeping yourself on an appropriate diet.

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