Candida Treatment

When it comes to candida treatment options, the informtion out there seems endless.

The hard truth is that candida is a condition where one cure does not fit all.

Most naturopaths and others will tell you to try several courses of treatment including the candida diet, antifungals, probiotics and so on...

Unfortunately, when your days are hectic and life gets in the way following such a complicated plan is not easy. I personally find that most people tend to go from one extreme to the other --they either do nothing or attempt to do everything at once.

The outcome with the latter usually means you set yourself up for failure right from the start.

I mean it's not easy to take several types of candida treatment options such as antifungals, antibiotics, other home remedies AND follow the candida diet all at once.

And the truth is, it's often not actually necessary to apply all treatment options at once (In fact I recommend that you don't).

However, for the sake of providing you with all the necesary candida treatment information so that you can make an informed decision lets go over the usual candida treatment options.

I've also written an article about Candida Recovery which you may find helpful.

Depending on the severity of your candida symptoms you have a few options for candida treatment.

Candida Treatment One - The Candida Diet (to counteract the candida overgrowth)

Candida Treatment Two - Antifungals (to help fight the spread of fungus)

Candida Treatment Three - Supplements (to support and boost overall immunity)

Candida Treatment Four - Probiotics (to build the "good" bacteria in your gut)

Here are my thoughts on each option:

Candida Diet

The candida diet is almost always necessary. Most people develop candida in the first place because of a diet high in processed carbohydrates and sugars. The candida diet basically "starves" your body of sugar and in turn gives the excess yeast in your system a chance to die off.

Now the good news is that if your candida is not very severe you may only need to follow the diet for three or four weeks. Some people do follow the diet for several months but it is rarely, in my opion, necessary for longer.

First of all, it's difficult to sustain good health on such a strict diet. Secondly, can you really live for extended periods on such a diet? What about birthdays, anniversaries, family outings, work dinners, etc...

A big myth surrounding candida and the diet is that you often have to stay on a strict diet of vegetables and meat for 6 months to a year! Please do yourself a favor and avoid this advice at all costs. Our healthy candida diet pages gives you all the details you need to follow our healthier candida diet option.

The bottom line is that the candida diet will help in most cases and in fact is often necessary. However, you know your body best -- start the diet and track reaction. Chances are you will feel pretty good fairly soon. After a few weeks try introducing a banned food back into the diet and see how you feel. I recommend you start by re-introducing one to two pieces of fruit a day.


Antifungals may work. However, you have to try several different options to know what actually works and what doesn't. In our natural cure pages we go over home remedies and natural remedies such as oregano oil, etc. for curing candida.

One of the most popular antifungals is caprylic acid, which is the fatty acid found in coconuts. If you do take caprylic acid, it is recommended you start on a low dosage and increase it slowly once you monitor your reaction.

Garlic is another popular option which has extremely strong antifungal properties. There is one down side to garlic -- it may also kills the friendly or "good" bacteria in the gut if taken in excess.

As you already know "good" bacteria is necessary for a healthy gut and one of our main goals with candida is to raise the levels of good bacteria.

So what do you? Do you use garlic or not? Unfortunately, this is the downside to nutrition therapy. You simply have to keep trying different things and experiment until something works.

You also have to be careful you only make one change at a time or you won't be able to accurately track what's working and what isn't.

This the main reason, I tend to shy away from recommending a long list of supplements and cures. Personally, unless you have a sever fungal buildup I do not recommend that you take garlic supplements. It's okay to use garlic naturally in your diet, however.

A better option, is to use the same holistic system to get rid of the candida completely without resorting to endless supplements and pills.


Again, the downside here is that you just don't know what will work and what won't. Our bodies are unique to us and no two people have the same exact dietary needs.

In my opinion, a good multivitamin will always help support your health. It should not be a replacement for a healthy and balanced diet, however. And please make sure that you choose a supplement which is yeast-free and sugar-free or you may make your candida problem worse! You can find a selection of these at any health food store.

As I mentioned previously, I'm not one for recommending a long list of unattainable steps for curing candida. It's just not realistic. Again, for a powerful system to cure your candida click here.


Yes, they do work and help build up the "good" bacteria in your body. You can actually get probiotics from eating natural yogurt with live cultures the problem is very little of this will actually reach the colon, which is where you need to really build up the "good" bacteria.

For this reason, supplements are recommended. You can find two main types at most health food stores -- Lactobaccillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bifidobacteria (freeze-dried). You'll want to take them together and look for a capsule that contains at least four billion live organisms.

The Bottom Line

The main point here is that most of the treatment options listed above will work, but often times, it will take a while to even see a glimpse of good health.

If you try to overdo it and change everything at once or start taking an umpteenth amount of supplements, it will be really difficult to note which one has a positive effect. In fact, you may damage your health even further.

In my opinion, you need two things (especially at the start) -- the candida diet (our version, not the super strict version) and the Candida Yeast Support System (mentioned above). This combination provides a holistic system that will not only cure your candida but give you better overall health.

Try these two things for three weeks and note all your progress. Chart down everyday how you feel, your symptoms, etc. In most cases you will see positive changes within a short amount of time.

After the first month on the diet, if you're feeling better, you can gradually reintroduce fruit and then a few other banned foods. By then you should see a big difference in your health.

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