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Candida Symptoms and Cure - An Overview

Candida Symptoms And Cure

Candida yeast infections can be extremely uncomfortable if not downright painful.

And yeast infections aren’t the only Candida symptoms people can suffer from.

There are a wide variety of Candida symptoms and health problems caused by this bacteria.

Fortunately you can get rid of those Candida symptoms and cure your Candida for good.

Candida Symptoms.

The most common Candida symptoms and the ones most people are familiar with are vaginal yeast infections. Vaginal yeast infections can be passed to men during sexual intercourse and men can get yeast infections on their genitals without intercourse.

Candida isn’t a gender specific bacteria – both men and women can get infections.

Other common though easily masked Candida symptoms include:

* Fatigue
* Chronic illness
* Weight gain
* Constipation
* Diarrhea
* Bloating
* Abdominal pain
* Gas
* Acne
* Bad breath
* Skin rashes and infections
* Thrush – Oral Candida
* Joint pain
* Muscle weakness
* Foggy brain, difficulty thinking clearly or remembering things
* Headaches
* Insomnia

If Candida gets into your bloodstream, it can cause fever, affect your internal organs and has caused death. If you have a weakened immune system, for example you have diabetes, are fighting cancer or have HIV, then Candida needs to be taken seriously.

Get Rid of Candida Symptoms and Cure It

Candida, when diagnosed by a physician, is generally treated with an antifungal. This of course makes sense. However, it’s the common problem of treating the symptom and not the cause.

If you only treat the symptom, the Candida will move on to cause trouble in other areas of your body or the symptom will simply recur. If you’re suffering from Candida symptoms the last thing you likely want to do is deal with them again. You want a cure.

Because Candida thrives in a damp moist environment, the most common place for it to grow and thrive is your digestive tract. It’s there naturally. In order to keep Candida in check, a healthy digestive system is a must.

This is accomplished by eating a balanced diet, high in fiber, and by not eating sugary or fermented foods. Sugary foods are the fuel source Candida uses to grow. So dietary modifications are likely necessary to eliminate Candida overgrowth and the symptoms.

Additionally, it’s important to strengthen your immune system. If you have a healthy immune system, your body can do a better job of managing Candida. A healthy immune system is created by eating well as we’ve already mentioned. Also, exercise, stress management and good sleep are required.

Probiotics, found in yogurt and natural supplements, also do a good job at maintaining a balance of good bacteria in your digestive system.

Initially, to get rid of Candida symptoms and cure the problem, a Candida diet and a cleanse may be in order.

The idea is to rid your body of Candida. Once that’s accomplished, generally two to four weeks depending in the severity of your symptoms and overgrowth, you can then make lifestyle and dietary modifications that keep Candida at bay.

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