Weight Gain and Candida

Weight Gain And Candida

As if maintaining a healthy weight weren’t difficult enough weight gain and Candida can be a vicious circle.

Weight gain causes Candida and Candida causes weight gain.

Before you can end this crazy pattern, it’s important to understand it.

Candida is yeast commonly found in and around our bodies. It resides on our skin, in our intestinal tract and in our mucous membranes.

Like any yeast this natural organism feeds on sugar.

Have you ever made bread? Most breads and pastries begin with warm water, a bit of active yeast, and…sugar. The sugar feeds the yeast.

The same thing occurs in your body. The sugar you eat, whether it is in the form of a cookie or a starchy carbohydrate like a bagel which is quickly processed by your body and converted into sugar, the result is the same.

An increase in the Candida in your body. When the Candida begins to overwhelm and overgrow , the result is possibly a vaginal yeast infection, stomach upset, fatigue, a compromised immune system and weight gain.

Why Weight Gain And Candida Are Connected.

You know that Candida consumes the sugar you eat. What happens next is two fold.

First - What happens to your blood sugar when you eat starchy carbohydrates and sugar? It goes up right? It spikes. Then once the sugar is burned off, and this happens quickly because sugar is not a great energy source, your blood sugar plummets.

You feel exhausted, foggy, and you crave sugar. Your body begins to fall into a cycle of spiking and plummeting blood sugar.

In order to maintain the same energy levels you must continue to consume sugar. Unfortunately sugar as we’ve said is quickly used and converted into energy.

This energy is stored and the result is fat. Let this cycle continue and not only will the weight add on but diabetes and other health problems will emerge.

Second – the sugar that you’re constantly consuming continues to feed your Candida. The result…more and more Candida in your body.

As the Candida begins to overwhelm, it not only creates irritation, it can affect your body’s ability to function properly. Your hormones, organs, and even your immune system are compromised because of Candida infections.

As your body is compromised it is unable to metabolize properly and more weight is put on. As we stated before, a vicious circle.

To get out of this circle, it’s important to address the cause – sugar, diet, and healthy lifestyle. Stop feeding the Candida and you’ll not only alleviate the symptoms caused by Candida overgrowth, you’ll lose weight. It’s win win!

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