Candida Nystatin

Candida Nystatin

If you’re struggling with chronic Candida or yeast infections it’s important to get a diagnosis.

Your doctor will likely examine your infection and prescribe an anti-fungal.

The most common antifungal prescribed for yeast infections is Nystatin

What is Nystatin?

Nystatin is a drug that is commonly used to treat Candida. It’s an anti fungal that is derived from Streptomyces nursei which is a bacteria found in soil and decaying vegetation.

Unlike some anti-fungals which can be taken orally or injected, Nystatin is a topical cream. It’s often added to a gel base.

If you are diagnosed with a Candida infection, for example diaper rash or jock itch you’ll most often receive a prescription for Nystatin. It’s considered a safe antifungal because it is not absorbed by the skin.

If, however, Nystatin gets into an open wound it can be absorbed into the skin.

When used over a prolonged period sensitivity to Nystatin can develop. The reaction often includes burning, itching, rash, eczema, and pain when Nystatin is applied to the skin.

Candida Nystatin for Chronic Infections?

If you suffer from recurring or chronic Candida infections it’s best to consider treating the cause rather than the symptoms.

An anti-fungal may work for the short term, to alleviate symptoms. However, recurrence can become a problem for many.

Treating the problem of chronic Candida often requires making lifestyle changes.

For example, many health experts believe that Candida infections are caused by diet, stress and a compromised immune system. Nystatin won’t treat those causes.

Only you can make those changes.

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to treat the underlying cause for Candida is to change your diet. Candida albicans, is a yeast like fungus. (That’s why an anti-fungal works to treat infections).

As a fungus it thrives in warm dark places where it can find plenty of food. Candida eats sugar. When you consume sugar and foods that act like sugar in your diet then you’re feeding the Candida.

Many people have found tremendous success curing chronic Candida by changing their diet. An anti-Candida diet can help you rid your body of Candida and give you a fresh start.

Once the candid is out of your system you’ll feel more energetic, you may begin to lose weight and you won’t suffer from Candida infections. Of course proper vigilance is required to ensure you stay Candida free.

Supplementation is often combined with a Candida diet to take care of chronic infections and eliminate the root cause.

If you struggle with chronic infections Candida Nystatin may be a useful short term solution. However, it won’t likely solve the underlying problem. That is up to you.

Change your diet, change your lifestyle and live Candida free.

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