Candida Apple Cider Vinegar

Candida Apple Cider Vinegar

Is Apple Cider Vinegar a Cure for Candida?

Women all over the world and throughout history have dealt with the discomfort and embarrassment of yeast infections.

Is candida apple cider vinegar a cure for the overgrowth of Candida, the yeast that causes candidiasis and yeast infections?

Many reports, studies, and alternative practitioners believe that it is.

How would you use apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy for yeast infections?

There are actually three different methods to use this liquid to fight and cure vaginal yeast infections.

1. Drink it. This may be the easiest way to use apple cider vinegar to cure a yeast infection. In a glass filled with at least 6 ounces of water, add one to two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.

If this is too tart, you may want to use Stevia (a natural sugar substitute) to sweeten it. Sip this slowly before you eat. Don’t be surprised if you experience dizziness, feeling foggy, low energy, or nausea. This is caused by the die off of the yeast in the intestines.

To combat these symptoms, be sure to drink plenty of water to help flush the yeast out of your system. You can also add two cups of Epsom salts to a tub of warm water and sit in it for at least 15 minutes. This will help alleviate some of the symptoms and may also kill additional yeast.

2. Douche with it. Start with two quarts of purified water, either distilled or filtered water that has been boiled and then allowed to cool until it is merely warm.

Add three tablespoons of raw, unfiltered candida apple cider vinegar to this warm water. Because apple cider vinegar has the same ph as a healthy vagina it is a great idea to use it for douching.

You may use this combination of water and apple cider vinegar as a douche up to twice a day when the symptoms are at their worst. As soon as you notice the symptoms are lessening, you can reduce the douching to once a day until you are completely symptom free. At this point you would stop using the douche entirely.

3. Use it as a sitz bath. If you’ve ever had children, you know what a sitz bath is. You put warm water into a bathtub so that is filled enough to cover your pubic area but not enough to cover your belly.

Before getting into the tub, add two cups of raw candida apple cider vinegar. Sit in the tub “Indian style” for at least fifteen minutes.

When it’s time to get out of the tub, be sure to gently pat yourself dry. Ensure that your skin is thoroughly dry before dressing. It is also suggested to choose only 100% cotton underwear washed in gentle soap, preferably one that is natural and unscented.

It is important when using any of these methods to fight a yeast infection caused by Candida to find a raw, organic, unpasturized apple cider vinegar. This will maintain the good qualities of the vinegar rather than killing it off which makes in ineffective for treating Candida.

Remember to try to reduce or eliminate foods in your diet sugars, yeasts, mold, etc.) that will encourage yeast infections.

Try apple cider vinegar the next time you have a yeast infection and you’ll see why this natural alternative has been popular for generations.

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