Candida Cleanse Guide

Frequently Asked Questions about the Candida Cleanse

Struggling with Candida symptoms?

This condition can cause everything from migraines to weight gain. Cleaning it from your system can turn your life and your health around. Before you start, here’s what to know.

How does it work?

A Candida cleanse works by essentially starving Candida of all the essential things it needs to survive. Candida is a fungus. It thrives in dark, moist places. It feeds on sugars. Cleansing essentially accomplishes two key functions.

It eliminates the food Candida eats by eliminating sugar and sugar-like foods from your diet. Additionally a Candida cleanse helps flush your digestive tract. This flushing eliminates buildup in your digestive tract – food for Candida. It also makes your digestive tract an inhospitable place for the bacteria to grow.

Is it safe?

In general they are safe. It’s extremely important to monitor your health and symptoms during a cleanse. Some people report dizziness and other symptoms when the Candida begins to die off. Additionally, you may feel fatigue and irritability during the first few days of a Candida diet.

This is often due to the fact that your body may be addicted to sugary foods. After a few short days you will begin to feel better. If, however, you are on any medication or are being treated for an illness or condition, it always makes sense to run the cleanse past your doctor first.

What side effects will I experience?

The good news is that you may not experience any side effects at all. However, if your body is addicted to sugar, caffeine and other foods you’re required to eliminate during the cleanse then you may experience withdrawal. This will show up as:

* Moodiness/irritability* Insomnia* Diarrhea* Headaches* Lethargy

The good news is that these symptoms pass quickly. You will then begin to feel quite wonderful.

How long does it take?

There are many different types of cleanses and a variety of approaches. Generally a full Candida diet can take anywhere from three to eight weeks. It should be noted that it can take longer for some people.

Do I really have to cut out all those foods?

If you want to cleanse your body of Candida completely and stop experiencing the symptoms then yes. Sticking to the diet is important.

How long does it last? Will I get an infection again?

Assuming you modify your diet and lifestyle you can stay Candida free. However, if your diet or lifestyle changes or your health changes you can experience another Candida infection. Some people are more prone to Candida overgrowth. If you suspect your one of those people then a lifetime of vigilance may be necessary.

Candia Albicans can cost a whole host of health problems. The good news is that a Candida cleanse can help you get rid of Candida for good. Research your options. Plan your cleanse and get ready for a Candida free life.

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