Candida Food List

Candida Food list - What you can eat on the candida diet:

On this page, I'd like to show you all the delicious and abundant foods you CAN eat on the candida diet.

Candida Food List:

Rice Cakes, Crispbreads, Oat Cakes – You can eat all these items provided that you read the labels carefully.

Some oat cakes contain malt which is to be voided on the diet.

Crispbreads must be made from 100% whole wheat flour or rye.

Yeast Free Bread – You can find this at specialty bakers but it's often difficult.

I have included several yeast-free bread recipes on this site for you to try. You can also eat rye bread as long as it doesn't have added yeast.

Soya, Rice, and Almond Milk – You can drink these as alternative to cow's milk. Check the labels to make sure they don't have added sugar.

Butter – In moderation a little natural butter is fine for spreading lightly on cakes and breads.

Cold Pressed Oils – Olive, sunflower, safflower and rapeseed and linseed oils are all okay to use.

Limes and Lemons – These are the only fruits allowed on the diet and are great for drizzling on meat or mixing up and olive oil and lemon salad dressing.

Natural Plain Yogurt – If the yogurt is truly natural it won't contain added sugar. Yogurt is great for all sorts of things including a quick pasta dressing – mix yogurt with lemon and herbs and toss through pasta – or simply on it's own sprinkled with seeds.

Cottage Cheese – The only cheese allowed on the diet. You can use it on salads, to fill a baked potato or for breakfast with a poached egg.

Seeds and Fresh Nuts – Sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, flax, and even hemp seeds make a great snack and are also perfect for sprinkling on salads. Fresh shelled nuts are also allowed but avoid peanuts and pistachios. Keep all nuts and seeds refrigerated to avoid mould growth.

Vegetables and Salads – All fresh vegetables and fresh salads are allowed and recommended on a daily basis. Potatoes and root vegetables are included as well as tomatoes and avocados so enjoy!

Herbs – All types are allowed (fresh and dried). Use herbs instead of salt to add flavor and variety to meals.

Mild Spices – Hot spices are to be avoided as they destroy the friendly bacteria in the gut but mild spices are allowed – cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin and other mild spices.

Lean Meats – Ideally meat should be organic and free-range. This will help you avoid the antibiotics used in non-organic meats which are bad for your candida. If you can't afford organic meat then eat a vegetarian based diet mainly and add a little meat here and there for variety. You truly are better off eating a vegetarian diet than farmed meat which contains many chemicals and antibiotics.

Eat chicken, turkey, fish (especially oily fish) of all types. You may eat red meat but should do so sparingly for good health.

Eggs – Free-range, organic eggs are allowed (please see "meats" above as to why organic is best). Eggs are perfectly healthy in moderation and make a great addition to the diet.

Whole Wheat and Unrefined Grains – Pasta, brown rice, bulgar wheat, oats and quinoa are all allowed.

* Grains are health giving and provide a range of nutrients and vitamins, which is why they're an important addition to your candida food list*

Beans and Pulses – All types are allowed – lentils, garbanzo (chickpeas), black, pinto, split pea. If you buy canned beans make sure they don't have added sugar or salt. Baked beans are not allowed as they have added sugar. You can make homemade hummus from chickpeas.

* Beans are also great for good health, again, a great addition to the allowed candida foods list.

Candida Food List - Meal Ideas:

Now that you know what you can eat, here are a few ideas to help simplify things. I know at first glance the diet seems quite restrictive but all it takes is a little creativity and you'll be whipping up delicious meals in no time.

Candida Food List - Breakfast – Try a few rice cakes with cottage cheese and sliced tomatoes. You can also use crispbreads or homemade yeast-free bread.

Eggs always make a nice breakfast and you can whip up an omelette with fresh vegetables such as asparagus, tomato, spinach or anything you feel like… experiment with your favorite veggies.

You can also have something as simple as a slice of yeast-free bread with a little butter and a few seeds sprinkled on top.

Homemade oatmeal (oats are allowed) with a little rice or soya milk makes a delicious, healthy breakfast. Sprinkle a little cinnamon or nutmeg on top. And you can even think outside the box… breakfast doesn't have to include all the traditional foods. Left over chicken with sliced avocado is a great alternative!

Candida Food List - Lunch – Most of us are used to the usual sandwich for lunch and this is still possible if you make your own yeast-free bread and use that with a little butter, some natural chicken or turkey and a vegetables. But you can also prepare a simple pasta – such as pasta with a little cottage cheese and tuna.

You can also whip up some homemade hummus and fill half an avocado with it for a nutritious light lunch. I find baked potatoes are quite easy for lunch and you can fill those with tuna, cottage cheese, yogurt (mix yogurt, lemon and herbs for a lemony sauce), humus or even sliced avocado. You can add chicken or turkey too.

Candida Food List - Dinner – Pasta with lean meats or homemade tomato sauce is nice. Add some herbs for flavor. You can also make brown rice with vegetables and lean meat. Bean and pulses are great – try making homemade split pea soup or lentils with tiny cut potatoes.

And of course fill your plate up with fresh vegetables and salads of all kinds.

It does take a little getting used to but after a while your taste buds will enjoy this new way of eating and your body will thank you for it.

You should feel a big difference after two weeks on the diet.

And as long as you vary and eat plenty of whole grains, vegetables and lean meats as show in this candida food list, you will get all the nutrients your body needs on this diet.

Also we have a lot of wonderful, healthy candida recipes in our main diet section for you as well.

And don't forget to take a look at our candida reviews page which includes tried and tested natural health products to help you overcome candida infection.

Candida Food List - A Note About Weightloss: If you start eating the foods specified on this candida food list and have a few pounds (or more) to lose, you will inevitably lose weight. However, if you're already quite slim and don’t want to lose weight, make sure you up your calorie intake once you start this diet.

Most people find the weight just drops off and if you don't want to lose any that's not great. You can eat more calorific foods like nuts, avocados and add additional services of yeast-free bread and grains to your diet.

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