Candida Related Complex

If you’re struggling with recurring yeast infections you may have Candida Related Complex.

It’s caused by a number of things and unfortunately it is on the rise. More and more people are suffering from CRC.

Symptoms of CRC

The symptoms of CRC or Candida Related Complex can be a bit mysterious. If you have recurring vaginal or skin infections then it’s apparent that CRC is a problem for you.

However, other symptoms are sneakier and harder to diagnose. They include:

* Weight gain
* Acne
* Fuzzy thinking
* Fatigue
* Chronic illness
* Joint pain
* Painful menstruation
* Stomach distress including diarrhea and constipation
* Bloating
* Depression
When you take a look at these symptoms it’s easy to see why CRC goes undiagnosed. So many of those symptoms can be caused by a number of other things too.

However, if you’re experiencing more than one of these symptoms on a regular basis, you may have yeast overgrowth.

What Causes CRC?

Candida Related Complex is caused by several very controllable lifestyle factors. They include:

* Diet
* Stress
* Antibiotic overuse
* Compromised or weakened immune system

Treating CRC

Because Candida thrives on sugar the single most powerful thing you can do is change your diet. Try a Candida diet which essentially starves Candida.

Once the Candida has been eliminated from your body you may be able to add some foods back into your diet without problems. A Candida diet eliminates:

* Sugar in all forms including sugar alcohol.
* White flour and refined flours
* Fermented foods like vinegar
* Alcohol
* Yeast
* Fungus
* Dairy

So what’s left to eat once you eliminate all these foods? Whole grains, fruits and vegetables and meats. You can also eat seeds, nuts, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt.

Initially the diet may cause some withdrawal symptoms. If you can stick with it once you make it through the withdrawal symptoms you’ll feel great.

In addition to the diet you can treat Candida Related Complex through supplementation and other lifestyle changes. It’s important to take great care of your health.

Failing to recognize and treat CRC can result in a number of long term health problems.

You may likely continue to gain weight. You’ll continue to feel tired, foggy and ill. Your immune system will continue to decline. And it can affect your mental health and well-being too.

This condition, according to some experts, is a global epidemic. Take a look at your symptoms. Assess your lifestyle. What changes can you make to rid your body of Candida and feel great once and for all?

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