Easy Veggie Meal Plans Review

Easy Veggie Meal Plans Review

Before I get started, here's a before and after picture of Kardena Pauza - The author of Easy Veggie Meal Plans:

I cannot recommend Kardena's program enough. Not only is she a very down-to-earth person who explains things in a logical and easy-to-understand way, she also really knows her stuff.

Kardena runs her own personal training business, has won the title of Ms. America Fitness, and is herself an example of what great health looks like.

I credit her program for helping me get rid of my candida and regain my health.

Easy Veggie Meal Plans Review:

Audio and Quick Start Guide

The program includes a full audio interview (also provided in transcript form) with the author Kardena Pauza. This is your "quick start guide and audio."

You'll hear a full detail of why Kardena changed her diet, what her diet was like before and how she slowly made changes.

Vegetarian Eating Book

There's also the main Vegetarian Eating Book, which goes into detail about the myths and truths about vegetarian diet. What foods you should eat, which to avoid (not all vegetarian foods are healthy or will help you cure candida).

This part of the program was really interesting to me and I learned a few things I was previously clueless about.

Defend Your Diet Book

The Defend Your Diet Book deals with the issue of starting on your new diet and explaining it to friends and family. There are lots of helpful tips on how to cope when eating out, etc.

The Smoothie Report

The Smoothie Report is full of wonderful healthy smoothie recipes. These go beyond the standard same old smoothie recipes are are deliciously good for you.

Personalized Eating Plans

The best part of this program for me are the personal eating plans. There's a plan for men and one for women. It details exactly what to eat to achieve great results. The menu plans gives you examples, ideas and recipes. It's a wonderful resource.

Easy Veggie Meal Plans Review - Criticisms and Overall Thoughts

My only criticism of Easy Veggie Meal Plans is that if you're a busy mother (like me) you may struggle to plan all your meals according to this program. Some of the ingredients can be a little tricky to get a hold off as well.

What I did to make up for this is that I substituted a few things here and there. I also didn't follow the program 100% - for example, I didn't use the protein powder. I also replaced or removed altogether certain veggies for others.

But overall this plan and the ethos behind it is absolutely fantastic. It's a great starting point and full of great information.

Once you get into it, you can adjust it to suit YOUR life. Kardena, for example, is not a mom and she also works in fitness so she takes the program to a higher level than I do (and it shows - just look at her!).

But for me, I'm mainly after achieving a great weight for me (which I have now) and feeling full of energy and life. This program will help you achieve this and more.

You can learn more about Easy Veggie Meal Plans Here.

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