Oil Of Oregano Candida

Oil of Oregano Candida Treatment

If you’re like millions of people, you’re fed up with recurring Candida overgrowth and the subsequent yeast infections.

The traditional methods don’t seem to be working the way you’d been led to believe they would.

Perhaps it’s time to consider natural remedies like oil of oregano to treat your next bout with Candida.

Oil of oregano candida treatment may not be something you’ve heard of before especially in association with yeast infections or Candida. Some types of yeast infections caused by Candida include, but are not limited to, jock itch, vaginal yeast infections, ringworm, athlete’s foot, and diaper rash.

Oil of oregano has been proven to give positive results while affording the user a chance to use something that is natural rather than synthetic to treat their condition.

Like many medications that have been prescribed to treat infections, some strains Candida have become resistant to the over-the-counter medications available today.

These medications are no longer helpful in treating the symptoms of a yeast infection much less curing the problem. This is where oil of oregano candida treatment outshines traditional methods of medicating the condition.

Many people are concerned about using non-traditional remedies because they don’t feel like they’ve been tested and proven. This is one herbal remedy that can work on many varieties of infections because it is a strong antiseptic and antifungal that can be used topically as well as internally.

It has been proven effective on lice, bug bites, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, as well as other types of Candida-based infections. This treatment can be used both internally and externally and can treat both types of infection.

The easiest and most enjoyable way to get the full benefits of oil of oregano is to eat it. Add it to salad dressing, mixed in Italian sauces, or other dishes that call for dried oregano. Merely add a little of the oil of oregano to give your food an extra punch and treat a yeast infection at the same time.

Oil of oregano has several phenols in it that does the work of killing yeasts, fungi, and molds. Carvarcol is the antiviral, antifungal phenol that is the most effective. It is also an antibacterial and anti-parasitic.

It can kill the Candida albicans yeast, as well as Aspergillus mold, E. coli, and Staphylococcus. It can also help to boost your immune system.

You can purchase oil of oregano candida treatment at most health food stores. Because it is potent, you dilute it with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil to be able to apply it directly to sensitive areas of the skin.

Mix five to ten drops with one teaspoon of olive or coconut oil. For less sensitive skin, you can apply it full strength. Never apply it full strength to the genital area as it will feel like it’s burning.

When you have a yeast infection of any type, you want to use something that will actually provide you with relief.

Oil of oregano is one of many non-traditional remedies that will kill the Candida causing your yeast infection and help you feel better quickly.

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