Candida Diet Guidelines

This page gives you all the candida diet guidelines you need to get started on this simple candida diet.

But make no mistake, just because the diet is easy to follow doesn't mean it won't work.

This diet combined with the Candida Yeast Support Supplement will work wonders for your health.

Getting Started - Candida Diet Guidelines:

The basic purpose of this diet is to starve the candida out of your body. To understand how candida will overgrow in your body lets look at sugar.

Sugar activates yeast. This is the reason you use it along with the yeast when you bake bread. Just like sugar activates yeast in baking it does so as well in your body.

For this reason, you'll need to avoid sugar at all costs on the candida diet. This includes white table sugar, brown sugar, raw cane sugar, honey, fructose, dextrose and even lactose which is the natural sugar found in milk.

Here is a great article on candida and sugar and why you should not mix the two.

You'll also need to go a step further and avoid foods that behave like sugars in the body. These foods act like glucose in your blood stream.

When you eat them they create a rapid spike in your blood sugar levels, so it's important to avoid them. They include foods like white bread, crackers, breadsticks, white rice and any foods made from refined white flour.

Fruit also contains natural occuring sugars and for this reason sugar is also to be avoided on the candida diet. I know off hand this seems a bit strange as fruit is a typical healthy staple, but when you reach a point where candida has taken over your body you'll need to avoid fruit and any other form of sugar.

However, in most cases you can reintroduce fruit into your diet after a period of 2 to 4 weeks.

There's no question that sugar is difficult to give up. In fact, many of us are plain addicted to it. But something amazing happens when you do break the sugar habit.

You experience steady energy and you'll feel amazingly better overall. Anyone who has given up sugar for two weeks or more can you vouch for this fact.

The body doesn't actually need sugar at all. It has no nutrition value and is to blame for a host of illnesses and weight gain.

With that in mind let's go over the basic candida diet guidelines.

1. Avoid sugar and all products containing sugar. At first you'll need to read labels avidly as there are many hidden sugars in everyday items. Some times these sugars will be labeled as dextrose or fructose -- avoid both.

2. Avoid refined grains. These are the foods mentioned above such as white bread, white rice, white pasta, and refined cereals. Basically any grain foods that are not made from 100% whole wheat flour.

3. Avoid yeast and any products containing yeast. This includes bread that is made with yeast, mushrooms, soy sauce and other items that contain yeast... basically anything fermented or containing mould. At the end of this page you'll see a link for a complete allowed food list and banned food list to make it easier.

4. Avoid stimulants. This includes coffee, black tea, chocolate, soda and anything containing caffeine. The reason for this is that stimulants provoke the same effect stress does on the body. Eating or drinking stimulants cause the adrenal glands to release stored sugar into the body (the same way stress does). For this reason all stimulants are avoided on the candida diet.

5. Avoid dairy. This is a difficult one for people to understand because we've been told over and over that dairy products contain needed calcium and are good for you. This is true in most cases but when you're suffering from candida overgrowth the natural occurring sugars in most dairy products will make the condition worse.

So avoid all dairy products with the exception of natural yogurt and cottage cheese which do not contain natural sugar.

Those are the basic and simple candida diet guidelines but there are also a few other foods that you'll need to avoid or be careful with. You can find a complete candida diet food list here and a complete candida foods to avoid list here .

Now that you know the candida diet guidelines take a look at our delicious candida recipes.

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